About us


About the factory

The operation of the Luxury Packaging FAC for Industry began in 2009. And that is to manufacturing in the field of food packaging, and for more than ten years the factory has worked to provide high-quality flexible packaging products to its customers in a variety of different fields in which it uses the finest raw materials classified for food uses and the factory is considered a specialist in the manufacture of environmentally friendly paper bags that depend on it Catering companies, restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops by securing all their needs of bags and with the quality that calls for the use of this product for the purposes of packing and wrapping foodstuffs, therefore we are always working to strengthen and build long relationships with our customers and put both development and innovation at the core of our concerns so that we can provide the best quality The products are offered to our customers in terms of bag hardness, durability, and useful life.


The mission

Manufacturing a distinctive product suitable for food packaging, and providing quality that meets a consumer needs


The vision

The industrial sector is one of the most important economic factors on which Vision 2030 is based, and we aspire to become one of the largest manufacturers of food packaging products

The goal

Satisfying our customers and advancing the level of their aspirations, which we always strive for excellence by ensuring the appropriate quality of food packaging products while preserving the price and service and providing solutions to implement new applications through continuous development and selection of good raw materials


Quality policy


Quality control

We are committed to continuously striving to develop manufacturing quality control mechanisms to provide the product with the highest standards required.

Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is among our priorities, so we are keen to avoid all types of accidents, whatever they are, and to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from occurring, and to ensure a safe and secure work environment free of risks and in line with local and international laws and standards.

The preservation of the enviroment

As an industrial facility, we are fully aware of the environmental impact that our business can leave, so we are keen to take all precautionary measures and measures to prevent impact on the environment, by supporting sustainability practices and using modern environmentally friendly solutions and technologies to mitigate these impacts with Focusing on quality, health and safety factors.